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Pet insurance law has been changed in California.

Dogs and cats insurance changes.

New cats insurance rules have been added to the main insurance documents in Alabama.

Cats and dogs are the most popular animals to insure in USA.










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Animals and pets insurance

Pets insurance today is becoming increasingly popular. Despite the fact that the law with his usual thoroughness considers animals to the property - most of us are unwilling to put up with this wording, because it considers their pets almost family. It is not surprising that we want to ensure that our smaller brethren against any adversity, - as far as your imagination and resources. There are many films were filmed about pets, cats and dogs, you can buy them here, on

When the cost of rare breed of dogs or horses for the races is thousands of dollars - it is logical to apply to the insurance of animals, because it is quite justifiable means of protecting cash investments. Generally speaking, you may want to insure any animal - and a cow giving milk, and a fox at the zoo, and a parrot in a cage.

Pets insurance - supply and demand

The most popular insurance animal uses in metropolitan areas and large cities. London and New York the lead on this indicator, because in these cities every year an increasing number of expensive animals: the elite racers, dogs, rare breeds with an impeccable pedigree, cats and exotic species. It is clear that the owners are very concerned about the persistence of "commercial properties" pets and do not spare money on insurance policy animal. Interest in this type of insurance is also observed in the regions - but to the capital figures he does not hold.

As practice shows, in fact, it looks not so rosy, and many companies restrict the list of animals that can be insured. The first in the list of "refuseniks" Insurance animals appear wild animals, mongrel dogs, exotic, little-studied individuals. So in order to purchase your pet insurance policy, a desire may not be enough...

According Insurance Rules of animals and responsibility of their owners - you can not insure any home a dog or cat, but only registered animals, whose age is not less than three months. It should also be taken into account the fact that each insurance company may have their own restrictions and requirements for animals. Thus, it is unlikely to get an insurance policy for animal species under the age of 4-6 months, or, conversely, fell over the mark for 5-7 years. In addition, if your dog or cat waiting offspring - it is unlikely that you will be able to insure it.

Animal insurance - registration policy

The procedure for obtaining the policy requires compliance with certain formalities: collect and provide information on status of health and the hunter made his immunizations. Also, before you sign a contract of insurance of animals, the company will put your pet a thorough medical examination. If it is a dog - the company ensures that it only if your four-legged friend is registered in canine society or club.

From what insurance protects animals? The list of risks is as follows:

Animal insurance from

  • Death, loss, forced to murder by reason of illness (infectious, noninfectious, invasive);
  • Natural phenomena (storms, rain, flood, hurricane, landslide, earthquake, hail, storm, lightning);
  • Fire;
  • The impact of electric current, explosion, heat, or heat stroke, suffocation, hypothermia, poisoning, snake bites, scorpion, etc., drowning, falling under the vehicle, the attacks of wild beasts, etc.;
  • Burglary, robbery.

Animal insurance also provides for the possibility of civil liability insurance pet owners. The insurance policy provides compensation in case of injury to health, life and property of third parties. If you - the evil dog owner, then the presence of an insurance policy you will not be afraid if your pet will spoil the property of third parties. The cost recovery will take over the insurance company.

Insurance animals in agriculture

For farm animals and breeding stock developed standard policies with a fixed amount of insurance payments for his head. The amount paid is usually determined depending on the price of cattle, prevailing in a particular region. Animal insurance usually operates in the private farm (pastures) and directly attributable to the pasture.

There are types of insurance from the death of animals during transport, during transport outside the region or abroad, in case of illness or injury, with the inclusion of costs for the services of a veterinarian. Individual insurance contract to insure the animals allow representatives even exotic, alien species.

Be careful when signing a contract of insurance! Remember that the fact of theft of an animal show is not easy. Mentally weigh all possible risks, and pick the best option for himself Insurance animals.

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